Graduate Student Workshop

Professors Harry Brighouse and Randall Curren will lead a one-day Graduate Student Workshop on April 30, 2020, for 3-6 doctoral students who are working on topics in educational ethics.

Selected participants will:

  • workshop their 4500-6000 word papers on topics in educational ethics;
  • read all papers ahead of time, providing written comments on one colleague's paper;
  • participate in constructive discussion;
  • attend the Field Launching Conference on May 1-2.

Transportation, lodging, and meal costs are covered for the three days of the workshop and conference. 

To apply, please send a c.v. and cover letter, including a short (300-500 word) precis of the paper you would workshop with the group.

Applications are due by 5 pm on Friday, February 21. Please e-mail your application to Jacob FayOnly .doc, .docx, and .pdf formats will be accepted. Decisions will be e-mailed by early March, and selected participants will be expected to have their paper ready to circulate to the group by Wednesday, April 15.

Contact Jacob Fay with any questions.

Note: We welcome applications from around the globe, although due to limited funds we will likely demonstrate a moderate preference for applications from North America. Also, since we will be selecting applicants only two months before the conference is due to take place, we will likely be unable to help applicants who face highly restrictive U.S. entry requirements. We strongly regret both of these limitations, as we believe firmly in supporting a global field of educational ethics, but we also want to be transparent since we know it takes time to apply.