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Meira Levinson

Professor of Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Meira Levinson is Professor of Education at Harvard.  She is a normative political philosopher who writes about civic education, multiculturalism, youth empowerment, and educational justice. In doing so, she draws upon scholarship from multiple disciplines as well as her eight years of experience teaching in the Atlanta and Boston Public Schools.  She consistently attempts to bring scholarship, policy, and educational practice into rigorous conversation with one another, in the belief that this kind of cross-fertilization can produce some of the most intellectually and practically generative work.

Levinson has published six books:

Dilemmas of Educational Ethics book cover           51ml4HyQmeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (333×499)

... Read more about Meira Levinson

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Jacob Fay

Postdoctoral Fellow
Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

Jacob Fay is a postdoctoral fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics. His research focuses on normative theories of injustice and their relation to educational policy and practice. Fay is co-editor with Meira Levinson of Democratic Discord in Schools: Cases and Commentaries (2019) and Dilemmas of Educational Ethics: Cases and Commentaries (2016).... Read more about Jacob Fay

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Maya Cohen

Maya Holden Cohen is a second-year doctoral student at HGSE in the Culture, Institutions, and Society concentration. Her research focuses on the civic formation of American youth, and the impact of political polarization and geographic partisan sorting on American schools and students. She came to HGSE after a decade working with young people to advance issues of equity and unlock their potential as leaders.... Read more about Maya Cohen

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Tatiana Geron

Tatiana Geron is a third year Ph.D. student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education concentrating in Culture, Institutions, and Society.  Her research occurs at the intersection of political theory, philosophy of education, and classroom practice. She’s interested in teachers’ moral agency and ethical decision-making and what makes the classroom a unique environment for enacting justice.... Read more about Tatiana Geron

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Alyssa Napier

Alyssa Napier is a second-year PhD student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on the intersection of political organizing and educational change. Before coming to Harvard, she worked as a course developer for the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (TSL) and Scheller Teacher Education Program/Education Arcade Lab, where she helped to develop MOOCs for educators on topics such as school change and design thinking.... Read more about Alyssa Napier

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Ellis Reid

Ellis is a fourth-year doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His primary research interests are democratic theory, educational justice. In particular, his research focuses on educational justice, democratic theory, and the normative dimensions of school governance.... Read more about Ellis Reid

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Allison Stevens

Prior to joining the PhD program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Allison Stevens taught social studies in Mustang, Oklahoma. As a teacher, her work centered on creating humanizing curricula for students in America’s heartland. Based on her connections to both extremely conservative and liberal areas, her work compares politically divergent approaches to pressing issues such as climate change and gun control.... Read more about Allison Stevens