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    From the ethics of pandering to how teachers should engage the 2016 election, these normative case studies provide teachers, school leaders, and policy makers the chance to discuss the difficult ethical questions they face every day. Please click on any of the links to the right to explore case studies crafted by the Justice in Schools team.

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    Educators are often motivated by an admirable but frankly rather vague commitment to “social justice.”  They are passionate about achieving social justice both through their own efforts—say, by helping traditionally underserved students gain the academic skills needed to gain admission to college, or by revising discipline policies that disproportionately punish black boys—and by teaching their students to fight for social justice on their own behalves.  But what “social justice” means in general, and how...

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    Justice in Schools began in 2012, and will likely be actively under development until at least 2017.  It is organized around a set of intensively-researched, normative case studies of classroom-level, school-level, and district-level decisions about everyday choices regarding curriculum design, parent outreach, discipline, school culture, grading, teacher hiring and retention, assessment and evaluation, and teaching justice to students (among other potential topics).  They will be chosen both for their representativeness (they...

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    Radcliffe Institute Workshop

    If you participated in the June 5-6, 2014 Justice in Schools Workshop at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, please click here to access the materials. Note that this is a closed portion of the website, accessible only to Radcliffe Workshop participants, because it contains works-in-progress and other draft and confidential materials. Thank you.

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    Levinson, M. and Fay, J. eds. (2016). "Dilemmas of Educational Ethics: Cases and Commentaries". Cambridge: Harvard Education Press. Publisher Link.

    Levinson, M. (June 2015).  “Moral Injury and the Ethics of Educational Injustice.” Harvard Educational Review 85 (2) (June): 203–228. doi:10.17763/...

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    Here is the newest version of the discussion protocol that we have been developing to help you facilitate focus group discussions with the Justice in Schools cases. Please contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions. 

    Normative Case Study Discussion Group Protocol

    1. What are the dilemmas in this case, and for...
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